published on 09.02.2020.

CISM courses in 2020

The International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM) Udine, Italy, will organize  following Advanced Schools in 2020:


REMARK: This list is not final. New courses will be added to the list.


  • Data-Driven Mechanics: Constitutive Model-Free Approach Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2001/ April 20–24, 2020 Coordinated by Michael Ortiz and Laurent Stainier


  • Advanced Theories for Deformation, Damage and Failure in Materials Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2002/ May 04–08, 2020 Coordinated by Holm Altenbach and Artur Ganczarski


  • Multi-Physics and Multiscale Couplings in Geo-Environmental Mechanics Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2003/ May 11–15, 2020 Coordinated by Niels Kruyt and Olivier Millet


  • CISM–ESOF Advanced School on Physically Based Modelling of Superconductors and Their Most Advanced Applications Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2004/ May 25–29, 2020 Coordinated by Błażej Skoczeń


  • Electro- and Magneto-Mechanics of Soft Solids: Experiments, Modeling, and Instabilities Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2005/ June 08–12, 2020 Coordinated by Kostas Danas and Oscar Lopez-Pamies


  • Metamaterial in Acoustics, Elastodynamics and Electromagnetism Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2006/ June 15–19, 2020 Coordinated by Habib Ammari and Agnès Maurel


  • Physics of Granular Suspensions: Micro-Mechanics of Geophysical Flows Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2007/ June 15–19, 2020 Coordinated by Marco Mazzuoli and Laurent Lacaze


  • 25th CISM–IUTAM International Summer School on Instability and Bifurcation Phenomena of Solids Including Coupled Field Phenomena Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2008/ June 22–26, 2020 Coordinated by Luis Dorfmann and Ray Ogden



  • CISM–AIMETA Advanced School on Exploiting the Use of Strong Nonlinearity in Dynamics and Acoustics Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2010/ July 13–17, 2020 Coordinated by Oleg V. Gendelman and Alexander F. Vakakis


  • Materials and Electro-Mechanical and Biomedical Devices Based on Nanofibers Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2011/ July 20–24, 2020 Coordinated by Tomasz A. Kowalewski and Alexander L. Yarin


  • Advanced Professional Training on Discrete Computational Mechanics of Masonry Structures International Advanced Professional Training Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/A2001/ July 27 –31, 2020 Coordinated by Katalin Bagi and Maurizio Angelillo


  • Mechanics of Smart and Bio-Hybrid Gels: Experiments, Theory, Numerical Simulation Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2012/ August 31– September 04, 2020 Coordinated by Mattia Bacca and Alessandro Lucantonio



  • Batteries – Basic Principles, Experimental Investigations and Modelling Across Scales Advanced Course – Course information still to be uploaded September 21 –25, 2020 Coordinated by Arnulf Latz, Wolfgang A. Wall


  • CISM–ECCOMAS Advanced School on Computational Mechanics for Novel Designs of Advanced Materials Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2015/ October 05–09, 2020 Coordinated by Michele Marino and Jörg Schröder


  • Transport Phenomena on Textured Surfaces: Fundamentals and Applications Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2016/ October 12–16, 2020 Coordinated Darren Crowdy and Marc Hodes


  • Metal Additive Manufacturing: Fundamentals, Modeling, Materials, and Implementation Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2017/ October 19–23, 2020 Coordinated by Christoph Meier and A. John Hart


 Information about the course contents and registration can be found at http://www.cism.it/courses.